System business


The following are included as part of Asaka Riken’s businesses.

  • Development and sales of various measurement data processing systems
  • Development and sales of automatic measurement system
  • Solution business to develop other network systems (Intranet/Internet application systems)

Particularly in various measurement business solutions, we strongly support ISO9000 and QS9000 to help our customers to develop strong quality control systems as an important element for profit making.

We will continue to propose effective, useful and beneficial solutions as a good partner to acquire trust from customers along with efficiency improvement.

Product introduction


We comprehensively manage various measuring instruments from testing data collection to statistical analysis.
The approval function that can be utilized for ISO-9000 is also supported!

  • Simplified quality control department
  • Management and analysis of testing data
  • Can be customized!

Mr. Manmos has been highly evaluated as quality control software friendly to job sites yet equipped with many functions. More than 80% of customers use it at plants of publicly-listed companies.


Data is incorporated from various measuring instruments by using RS-232C, and measurements are output as keyboard signals.

Effects of introduction and characteristics

  • Measurements are directly incorporated into a PC from a measuring instrument; therefore it is expected to prevent errors from manual entry and improve operational efficiency.
  • Measurements are output as keyboard signals; therefore can be used with most applications currently available.
  • It is a downloadable product and can be provided at a cheaper cost.

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Fundamental functions from basic application to approval and distribution can be achieved with simplified operation of massive ISO9001 document files with this software.

Effects of introduction and characteristics

  • It is available at no cost; therefore running costs of document management can be reduced.
  • Documents can be easily managed with simple exclusive folder management.
  • Operation with security setting by folder or user is possible.
  • Document application through distribution is easy with the email notification function.
  • Exclusive DB is not necessary.

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Other businesses