Environmental business

This is a business to receive the used waste solution of ferric chloride from printed-circuit board manufacturers, regenerate it into a new solution and collect/sell copper as the byproduct. Printed-circuit board manufacturers dissolve copper and use the ferric chloride solution in the etching process to form an electric circuit, while the etching process increases the copper level in the ferric chloride solution requiring replacement with a new solution. The used waste solution of ferric chloride discharged at that time is collected and used as a material to regenerate/sell the ferric chloride solution. The copper powder collected from the ferric chloride solution as the byproduct in this regeneration process is worked out into a form that is easy to use such as copper pellets, etc. and sold to steel manufacturers, etc.

In addition, etching treatment may be used in the etching process that uses hydrochloric acid by printed-circuit board manufacturers, resulting in discharge of cupric chloride as the used waste solution. This waste solution is also regenerated into the ferric chloride solution and copper powder is collected at the same time.

In the regeneration treatment process of the waste solutions of ferric chloride and cupric chloride, ferric chloride exceeding the necessary amount to be collected and recycled as a new solution is regenerated. This excessive amount of ferric chloride is also sold for drainage treatment in the sewer system as a coagulant, and for treatment of various types of factory effluent and animal manure as a coagulation/precipitation agent. The ferrous chloride solution as the byproduct of ferric chloride solution in the regeneration process is also sold as a reducing agent of wastewater including chrome.

The water treatment group sells filter materials for purified water and designs/constructs filter systems. The group is also taking on a challenge to develop a catalyst suitable for COD treatment of various types of factory effluent, ballast water treatment from ships, and wastewater treatment from semiconductor plants, etc. and at the same time to handle process development using the catalyst, gradually achieving results.

Other than the above, photocatalyst materials are developed, manufactured and sold as they have been receiving attention as safe and clean materials for environmental purification utilizing ultraviolet light (mainly sunlight) in recent years. The photocatalyst of our company is Titania-Silica Aqueous Solution with excellent characteristics of visible light. In cooperation with Titania Global Science and Technology LLP co-funded by university researchers, etc., we succeeded in mass production at an actual plant and commercialization. Photocatalyst demonstrates various characteristics including “anti-fouling and self-cleaning,” “antifog,” “deodorization, deodorant and decomposition of hazardous products,” etc. by applying on exterior walls, glasses or concrete surfaces as well as inside of a room.