Our business

Precious metal business

Urban mines that are never mined out
New mineral veins discovered with creative technology
Our businesses include collection of precious metals from disposed products containing valuable metals as well as precision cleaning and regeneration of functional parts and jigs.

We boast our high purification technologies with “High Echt equipment,” high-speed refining apparatus patented in nine countries around the world and with “Asaka Reduce,” recyclable absorptive resin, and at the same time contribute to not only our customers but also to the global environment with a cleaning system that does not damage base materials and thorough production management system.

Environmental business

History in harmony with leading edge
Contribution to environmental preservation taking advantage of the foundation on which the company was established

Asaka Riken started with production and sales of the ferric chloride solution and copper collection from copper effluent and copper clad laminates.

As we pass on and develop these accomplishments and long-established businesses since incorporation, we are aiming to develop a new field that can contribute to environmental preservation in the environmental business.

The market of the business domain relating to the environment is expected to expand in the future, while we plan to supply and sell “products” that are not influenced by mere trends.

Other businesses

Development of a wide range of businesses from system development for instrumentation/quality control to transportation business

Based on our accomplishments and experiences in developing various systems with personnel at more than several hundreds of manufacturing sites, we offer total engineering from the viewpoint of users, including streamlining and labor saving at testing sites, effective measurement network development for multiple testing systems, and customized systems.

The transportation business is operating as a group company due to the need to collect and deliver valuable metal-containing materials and drug solutions safely, promptly and surely.