Message from CEO

Dearest Sirs,

This is Yusaku Yukita, new CEO of the company.
I have assumed this position from Keita Yamada in December, 2019, half century passed since establishment of the company.

Using the best use of my business experience and knowledge of Coal, non ferrous and precious metals in the former company, Mitsubishi Corporation, for about 32 years, I would like to take positive initiative and leadership to new direction for prosperous growth of Asaka Riken.

Now Asaka Riken has been engaged in recycle business for long time of Copper and ferric chloride from Printed board and several metals from "urban mining" with most advanced recovery technology.
The most important metal for this company has been gold, which has been used not only for investment nor jewellery but also used for many industrial use as well.

Such recovered metal from electrical scrap has recently started to be called "urban mining".
Increase of this scrap seriously affect the environmental issue, so our specialized ability of recycling the limited natural resources to keep the earth clean is certain of contributing to the realization of SDG's.

Also to realize our sustainable growth with the current precious metals business, we need to create additional new business in our company to reorganize our portfolio.
In line with this, we are now developing the rare metal business.
The recycle of Lithium Ion battery for electronics and mobility as well as other recycle of rare metals are our important target with high priority.

Since establishment of our company, we have been concentrating on technology development, therefore applied and got authorized many patent.
After being listed on JASDAQ exchange in 2008, excellent staffs have joined to us, from high school, bachelors, masters and doctors.
From now onwards, we will continue to focus on reforming of each one's way of thinking to be the staff who are proud of working in Fukushima and also to try our best for realization of our creed "Contributing to the Society through our flexible creativity "

Yusaku Yukita, Representative Director and CEO