About precious metal business


Valuable metals are effectively collected from urban mines by fully utilizing three core technologies, and advanced components and used jigs are regenerated at the same time.


Crystal device, LED, power device, precision press, printed-circuit board, etc.
Asaka Riken’s strongest advantages include etching technology cultivated from experiences of facing tasks from customers in each industry with utmost efforts as well as from core chemical knowledge.? With this experience and technology, we have built up transactions with many companies including automobile manufacturers, major crystal oscillator manufacturers and jewelry/eye glass manufacturers, receiving high evaluation from our customers.

Collection of Valuable Metals

Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. are effectively collected from substrate scraps, defective products and disposed products picked up from companies that handle valuable metals such as electronic component (semiconductor, LED, power device, etc.) manufacturers and jewelry/eyeglass manufacturers. The secret of high collection rate, speed, many types and small lots is due to the unique dissolution/extraction method. It is a collection/purification technology with many advantages including shorter purification time compared with the electrolytic method or wet method, as well as high quality, low cost, reduction of environmental burdens, etc.

Not only precious metals, we also appraise values of base materials with substrates, etc. and rare metals.

Precision Cleaning

Jigs, etc. such as shield plates and masks used for dry coating of advanced components are cleaned. Jigs with thin and complicated shapes are effectively cleaned with chemical cleaning based on “chemical stripping” that causes less damage to base materials than mechanical stripping and is more effective than electrolytic stripping, followed by the final cleaning line using purified water.

Jigs after cleaning are returned to customers. Valuable metals stripped from jigs, etc. are also collected and sold or returned to customers. Jigs returned can be repeatedly used, contributing to cost reduction and quality control and playing a part in our customer’s product line. We handle not only stripping but also surface treatment processing such as spraying at a subcontracting factory.

Regeneration of Advanced Components

Electronic devices have been developed one after another. Advanced components are regenerated and recycled from defective products that occurred in the production process. Multiple coatings attached are stripped with a unique technology and can be collected and regenerated without destroying the essential nature of components or utilization purposes; therefore can be reused after return.

Evaluation System of Dental Metals

Valuable metals from dental scraps are collected and evaluated in cooperation with trading companies, etc. of dental equipment. The high collection rate, high transparency, and high evaluation rate have received a favorable response since the very beginning of business, achieving trust and recognition from not only affiliated customers but also dentists. Affiliates are steadily growing nationwide.